Bryan Field, 16 year developer

Software development + infrastructure + Team development

Java, JSP, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, JUnit, Lucene, Node.js, Next.js, React, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Regex, Python, Perl, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Informix, SQLite, SQL Server, Illumos/Solaris, ZFS, Bash/Shell, Linux, Java Desktop UIs, Docker, Cisco IOS, DNS, SSL/TLS, Windows, PowerShell, AWS & others, Ansible, Android, WebView mobile, new tech fast

Tech talent

People person

emoji_events Accomplishments

StackOverflow top 0.23% overall

IT Security top 0.86% overall

Pluralsight IQ Verified

first attempt for each

MySQL/MariaDB top 4%

CSS top 4%

React.js top 5%

TripleByte test results

Overall top 6%

Qualified for FastTrack

Youngest age
on record

August 2007

apps New tech fast

Rapid results with languages and frameworks I've never used.

  • Commitment
  • Dilligent intake of API docs
  • Broad experience & passion

enhanced_encryption Security

For Walmart ISD

  • Proactively identified areas of improvement in secret storage

For Chattanooga Software Center

  • Robust Authentication
  • OWSAP Top 10 mitigations
  • Securing legacy systems
  • Network appliances
  • Incident response

verified Letters of recommendation...


1. Freelance collaborator
John Eskew

“He immediately hit the ground running ... speed of light ... humility and endless positivity. ... His patience truly knows no bounds. ... Bryan also takes and gives criticism incredibly well. ... Whatever you are hiring Bryan for, expect him to bring along an unbelievable amount of domain knowledge, a humble attitude, and a surplus of both short and long-term business value.”


2. Available upon request

“I am extremely pleased to write this ... I found him a conscientious and very hard working professional. His skills and leadership qualities would make him an invaluable addition ... His knowledge and skills are unparalleled. ... energy and dependability ... And he always goes the extra mile to offer help. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details.”


3. Former Co-worker
Meghana Bodduluri

“... He is very talented individual with potential to raise above ... ready to help at all the times. ... meeting on weekend to explain the concepts ... big on documentation. ... Our team benefited numerously from this on many occasions. He brings honest opinions, hard work and helping nature to the table. ...”


4. Mentee
Brian Tran

“... intentionality as someone who is eager to learn, listen and serve others around him. Bryan is very kind, considerate and humble. He did not get frustrated if I didn’t understand something but was patient ... until I have a full grasp on it. He is not only someone who wants to get things done, but he also takes interest in those he encounters. He is a genuine friend. ... a true learner at heart. Do not think twice about adding Bryan to your team.”


5. Available upon request

“... we could clearly see from his first week itself, ... multiple things ... Overall, he is a good team player.”


6. Mentor
Charles Wysong

“... I have been successfully screening and hiring employees for 58 years. I have narrowed the qualities ... Based on these, I would hire Bryan without hesitation! ... Bryan was the lead developer in his family’s software company. ... I needed an e-commerce website in short order. ... Based on this experience, I recommended Bryan to a rather demanding client. ... Again, he finished well ahead of time and in-budget. ... very balanced ... Also, Bryan is unselfish. He has been involved in a number of community projects. ... Bryan has a great deal of potential. ... If I can be of further help, please do not hesitate to call me.”


7. Available upon request

“...way of working ... Presenting ... Helping nature .... Comfort ... Way of respecting people and way of talking with people”

Open Source & Community

Freelance services

  • Embassy University • password-based accounts + e-commerce April 2019 — current
  • Android Geocaching app development 2019 project
  • Temperature timer for food service proof of concept December 2019
  • Tutoring services

Employment history

Banner February 2023 — current

  • Recently accepted position

RCS Union Software March 2021 — February 2023

  • Recently accepted position

Walmart HW TEMS via Kitestring • Software Engineer April 2020 — March 2021

  • Python 2 & 3, Jython, Java EL, Ansible, Bash, PowerShell, Informix, C/C++, Linux, Docker, WCNP Cloud Native, Node.js, Next.js, React, DB2, Azure SQL, Azure Blob Storage, Concord, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WCNP, ServiceNow, Jira, Confluence
  • Automation • Eliminating manual steps
  • Deep diagnosis and solutions
  • Improved security
  • Orientation of junior devs
  • Coordination with third parties and distant team dependencies
  • Developed excellent documentation
  • Ported shell to python averaging less than 30 seconds per line with 99% accuracy.
  • Lead web developer
    • Development
    • Architecture — designed to scale indefinitely
    • Began leadership experience in a larger corporate environment
  • All the difficult stuff went to me 🙂

Chattanooga Software Center • SysAdmin and Leading Developer 2004 — March 2019

  • Perl, Java SE, Java EE Web Servlets, Java AWT, Java FX, JSP, C#, Bash, MySQL, SQL Server, Linux, Illumos/Solaris, ZFS, Windows conf, Network architecture, Cisco IOS, IT Security, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Payment, Maps, GPS tracking, Managed hardware, Android native & WebView mobile
  • Continuous exposure to business meetings
  • Customer support
  • Software development, especially web-based

Featured projects

  1. Medical Device Manufacturing (comprehensive)
    Inventory and Financial Accounting
    system for real-time manufacturing with FIFO Costing and Serialized across subassemblies; including all Accounting A/R, A/P, B/K functions.
  2. Call Management system for telemarketing (high volume concurrency)
    Improved client profitability and workforce capacity.
  3. Inventory Projection for distributors of overseas product
    Dramatically reduced stocking issues, improving customer satisfaction and client profit.

Additional projects as lead developer at Chattanooga Software Center

  • Java
    • Android (see below)
    • Systems task automation
    • Webapp server-sides (see below webapps)
    • Website analytics
    • Image processing
    • Secure data storage APIs
    • High-volume webapp for telemarketers
    • Concise designs for multi-thread communication without deadlocks
    • Optimizing for reduced CPU and GC overhead
    • JSP as appropriate
    • Applications for end-user Windows PCs
    • JUnit testing
  • Node.JS
    • Modern HTTPS and framework with 100% seamless restarts for use in other applications
    • Convert HTTP to stdio for multi-process framework
    • High-volume centralized data collection system for spam filtering intelligence
    • Callback and Promise coding styles: async functions, sync and tested callback methods
    • Hybrid applications to work both in CGI and new Node.js environments
    • API integrations with quality error handling
    • Web crawling data collection
    • HTML sanitation for incoming emails
    • Backup data and file management
  • Perl
    • CGI: Enormous amount of webapp server-sides (webapps below)
    • Systems task automation
    • Authentication systems
    • Developed libraries and frameworks
  • Regex: Regular Expressions handling variants on multiple languages/platforms
  • Webapps (HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript using server-sides in Java, Perl, Node.js)
    • Videoconferencing
    • Several drag and drop collaborative scheduling system with no need to refresh
    • Real time chat systems
    • Dashboard combining multiple other webapps in slim look & feel
    • Websites
    • E-commerce
    • Several E-signature applications
    • Offline-accessible webapps
    • 2d and 3d animation with Canvas and CSS
    • GPS Mapping and dispatching
  • Business applications targeting Financial, H/R, Payroll, Comprehensive accounting function, POS, Inventory, Email, Scheduling, Customer Experience, Team communication, Integration, Customer Relations Management (CRM), and much more.
  • Meeting PCI/DSS requirements
  • Android apps
    • Contacts
    • Scheduler
    • Email with partial offline functionality and rich text
    • GPS tracking with offline resilience
    • Integration with Credit Card processing hardware
    • WebView framework to re-use webapp code while maintaining app look & feel and offline functionality

SysAdmin / Devops experience at Chattanooga Software Center

  • Systems Administration
    • Collaborated on server upgrades and installations of Perl modules in 2006 on Solaris (UNIX-like)
    • Speaking with Sun Microsystems support engineers to accomplish server-related tasks at age 13
    • Managed Java application servers
    • Minimized downtime and improved server performance
    • Database administration of MySQL (see below)
    • Cisco IOS Configuration and maintenance, as well as Cisco formerly-Linksys appliances
    • Consulting for Windows OS configuration options
    • Spearheaded transitions from legacy UNIX systems to modern OmniOS / Illumos environments and introduce regular patching procedures for security best practice
    • Customized Linux configurations
    • Implemented incremental and real-time backup systems
    • Systems task automation
    • Administer Sendmail email systems
    • Administer ZFS storage systems
    • Streamlined live application transfer between servers equipment with procedures offering minimal downtime, including hands-off automated transfer for some applications
  • UNIX
    • Network and router layout design with some air-gap security
    • Debugging OS installation issues
    • Compiling apps including necessary dependencies
    • Installing Perl modules, Glassfish, Sendmail, Perl itself, and building Node.js and modules for this
  • MySQL
    • Server system administration
    • Management of both InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines
    • Customization and optimization of each configuration option
    • Slow query analysis and performance improvement
    • Forensic research via MySQL binlogs
    • Optimization of table indexing
    • Optimization of queries
    • Optimization of applications reliant on the MySQL data
    • Introduction of quick lookup tables where appropriate for faster operation and included safeguards to ensure they are always in sync with main data tables
    • Backups management
    • Data recovery
    • Advanced data cleanup